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HISTORY: This project came about as a result of a shunt at the track. It was bad enough that we decided to repaint the entire car (paint was bad anyway) and do some upgrades along the way. As usual we were pressed for time inorder to get the car ready for the next race.
It doesnt look that bad in the photo but really it was.
First we stripped the car and gutted the interior.
Then we stripped the paint to bare metal.
Do to time constraints we opted not to restore the front boot, but the fuel tank was replaced with a better unit from and SC, then later a Fuel Safe cell.
A major part of this project involed installing a new roll cage. The roof had to be cut off in order to reach the welds at the top of the cage. There are other ways of doing it, but we decided we would do it this way.
Not a pretty site but it had to be done.
We were able to get some nice welds done with the roof removed.
Its not how fast you go...its how you go FAST!