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1974 914 1.8
(Old photo)
History: I purchased this car (with another 914) out of Corpus Christi cack in the late '90s. I mostly drove the car back and forth to Laredo till 2004 when I decided I wanted a car with modern A/C The car served me well averaging over 30mpg @ 70mph. During that time I also entered seveal competitive with sucsessful results. My intention was to do a full GT replica restoration with 911 motor, but at this point I have too many projects so a couple have to go.
Motor is actually 1.7L (with 1.8 FI) swapped by previouus owner. Ran very well and won a few auto-Xs before it was parked in 2004 (replaced by newer car with A/C). Its been sitting so long (and leaking oil) I suspect the engine will need to be taken apart and resealed. I rebuilt the transmission and it shifts well.
Highlights: Car has never been undercoated so the underside is in better condition than usual. Has usual rust in battery box, rear trunk, and one of the jack points.
Ignitor pointless ignition
2.0L SSI heat exchangers with new Bursch muffler
Bilstien Sport shocks with 21mm front torsion bars and 140lb rearsprings; 18mm front sway bar.
Momo steering wheel
Asking Price: $2,000 I know it sounds like allot considering how the car looks, but its not when you consider all that you are getting. In fact your almost getting the car for free if you buy the parts.
I also have a set steel GT flairs I cn offer the buyer for $1,500
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